Dear readers,
Welcome to our newly designed website. Knowing that the citizenry is important in making the dreams of the district a reality, the dcesite has been created to promote transparency and accountability in the District. This is also expected to ensure that the populace gets involved from project initiation, execution and how the project is been benefited.
Our District since its creation in 2004 has seen major transformation in the areas of health, education, water, feeder roads among others. Almost every community in the District has benefited from a project in the above mentioned areas. It is imperative to let the people we serve know what the district have been doing, what the district is doing and what plans is for the future.
Though significant achievements have been chalked, it will be insincere to mention that all our problems are addressed. We are still determined to build on the achievements. This can however be done through concerted efforts by the citizens of this District. We must strive to ensure that we build a prosperous District through unity in which the dreams of our children can become a reality.
The best we can do is to contribute our quota towards building that progressive District, so that the coming generation will remember us for adding to the legacy of the Founding Fathers, and not remember us for destroying their heritage.
As part of our commitment to keeping activities and making the citizenry becoming abreast with issues, we have created this website together with other sensitization programmes to be more accountable and transparent in our services as possible.
With our completely designed site, you can now be able to search existing, new and on-going projects and programmes. We will also be making available some relevant news items from the district to keep you well informed about activities in the District.
Reflecting our long-standing commitment to service delivery, we welcome your feedback as we continue to update and improve this site. Stay tuned in the coming months for more updates.